Monday, August 22, 2011

VIP Escort Montreal - Escort FAQ or new lame revelations

Back then we've published 5 part series about the Lamest things that ever happen to Montreal Escorts and Escort Agencies. In case if you've missed them, here is the direct link to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. All along we knew that on a daily basis we will be exposed to completely new lame things that would happen to Escorts. Though, things actually happened in Montreal, we are certain they happen to other Escort Agencies all across this wonderful planet.

So, here are the new revelations. Enjoy and Laugh

Individual Profiles of Adriana and Francesca

At last, these magnificent Ladies decided to write little bit about themselves. As you become addicted to seeing the same Escort on your every trip to Montreal, little details become of great importance and Individual Profiles of Montreal's Finest Escorts is the perfect example where little things make a big difference. Ladies from our Platinum Collection of Montreal's Finest Escorts decide to write about things they like and about the ones they do not like, places they like to visit and places they rather avoid.

Introducing Adriana to the Platinum Collection

VIP Escort Montreal is presenting you Adriana, A Fine Escort that decided to join the Platinum Collection of Montreal's Finest Escorts. Stunning, Intelligent and Sophisticated is the best combination of words to describe this incredible beauty. There is certainly a reason for some things to cost exactly the double of others. Adriana is the perfect example as to why you should spend the double of the amount you normally spend, because what actually matters the most is what you will be getting for that.

Friday, July 29, 2011

VIP Escort Montreal - Platinum Collection is finally Here

Words are useless here. It is as Good as Montreal Escorts ever get. Did you ever think of showing up at a party with a Lady so beautiful that it will surely cause everyone else's neck twisting 360 degrees. Well, this is your perfect opportunity to impress everyone by being seen in company of a Lady from a Magazine Cover. If you think that we don't sound that convincing, then you should check the Platinum Collection Page. Like the old saying says, eyes don't need witnesses.

VIP Escort Montreal is now on YouTube - OMG

VIP Escort Montreal is finally on YouTube. It's has been planned for Long Time and It is finally there. VIP Escort Montreal officially launches the Creation of its Own YouTube Channel, where, from time to time, we will be posting Videos pertaining to Montreal Escorts and Montreal Escort Agencies. Actually, there is even a nice Introduction Video....kind of cool...To Read the rest of the Post, Click here.

Introducing Sunshine from Hawaii

Montreal EscortsHello everyone! We are happy that yet another pearl decided to join our SugarBabes Montreal Collection. Meet Ailiana. Mixed Chinese and Hawaiian background, Ailian is one of the most Charismatic and Fun Ladies to spend multiple hours. Although she is somewhat shy, think of her as the Cave to which the 40 thieves were trying to find the access key. Actually, once you do find that access key to Ailiana, you would be amazed the fun this will unlock. Try with Caution.

Here is the Link to her Introduction Page
Here is the Link to her Gallery

Monthly Recaps

Every Month we come up with some sort of a summary as to what happened during a given month mixed with little bit of rhetorical thoughts on Montreal Escorts and Montreal Escort Agencies. This way everyone has an opportunity to catch up with everything that has been said and written. We've decided to include last few month's recaps here just to freshen up everything about Montreal Escorts

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